Knowing this place exists makes me feel way more confident and secure about having another one. My pelvic floor got so much stronger, I felt tighter inside and out, and generally felt like myself again. It also significantly increased my sex drive! I highly recommend this place – it’s about time someone prioritized women’s sexual health and healing.

Sasha Grey

Nothing but great customer service with the ladies. I’ve been coming here for a few years and I love it every time.

Maria B

Love their flexibility, and lets talk about all their services omg love love love, Ladies you really need to take care of your intimate area if you want to have a Good health down there. you wont regret it and either your partner 💕

Alyssa Quinones

Great customer service, everyone was knowledgeable and had great tips for me regarding feminine health. Treatments are efficient, I will definitely be going back for more! Thank you vspot.

Zoila Doino

Andrea is so professional and knowledgeable. Makes every visit very comfortable.

Daniela Castro

I had such an amazing experience with this fantastic team that I’m convinced to keep getting waxed again! They were so knowledgeable, they’re sooooo nice and I highly recommend talking to Danielle about they’re “fun” products, she will help you change your life!

Boujee Posh
Great Service. Even better results. Recommended to all my friends. Worth it.
Carla Eakins

My daughter and I went here for a V treatment and I was very satisfied with the whole package. The environment was Relaxing and welcoming because Cindy, the owner, was very professional and caring by explaining all options from start to finish and as a result,I walked out feeling refreshed and gratified!

Jazline Barcelona

So where do I start? Parking is Monday Friday from 10am to 4pm if ur lucky to find it. It’s located in the designer district. Love the location!. Isn’t advertised outside so look for the bldg number 741 on Madison Ave. I walked up to be greatest by some really great energy. Filled out a form on an iPad and got started with my steam and wax. Andrea was so freaking good. I was a nervous wreck since it was my first time but soon enough, my legs were wide spread with not one care. Wine was served and I had pretzels. Their water bottles are so classy. I’m glad we can take it home. Everyone was super kind. I’ll be back for a non invasive labiaplasty, a steam, a bleaching and a tightening. So excited!

Jennifer Sanchez

I came in for a brightening treatment and even though I was feeling uneasy, Andrea made me feel so comfortable! If anyone keeps up to date with their gyno appointments (you know what I mean). She was able to answer all of the questions I had and she also provided details on how to take care of the treated areas post treatment. Andrea was very kind and was also very attentive (not in a forced manner) but a truly genuine and caring manner. She’s quite the professional!
It is now day 4 and the results are amazing! It’s only been one session and there is less pigmentation on the treated areas! VSPOT is amazing !