Non Surgical Labiaplasty

Age-related tissue loss is a common sign of skin aging. It can be treated with surgical procedures
and energy sources that can restore volume and tone. As time goes on (aka as we age our skin loses elasticity and collagen. The end result is a sagging or crepe type of skin in our face and body. This is also evident for the labia.
VSPOT utilizes The new technology for a precision labiaplasty to tighten and contract loose tissue on the Vulva.
The procedure uses a combination of helium plasma and radiofrequency energy to stimulate tissue contraction. With 3-5 one-millimeter incisions a precision labiaplasty can be performed while you’re awake or with a local anesthetic.

The unique characteristics of our procedures make them ideal for individuals who want to improve their vulva with minimal downtime and risk

All treatments are performed by  renowned VSPOT Double Board certified Gynecologist Dr. Monica Grover utilize a less invasive and effective form of labiaplasty

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