Who We Are

A First For Women: The VSPOT is the first women’s intimate medical experts, focusing on sexual health and wellness. We specialize in non-surgical, results-oriented sexual-enhancing treatments paired with high-performance technology  — think vaginal rejuvenation lasers.

The Spa-Non-Spa Experience: Rather than focus on your face, body or mental relaxation, our highly curated team of women gynecologists and providers focus on your personal and private internal wellness, sexual health, and confidence. This is a spa experience, unlike any pampering encounter you’ve had before. The VSPOT offers intimate, transformative, and medical vaginal healing treatments you didn’t know there were solutions for. The discomfort, embarrassment, perhaps even shame you might be feeling for a variety of reasons –dryness, inability to orgasm, or urinary incontinence painful sex; are solvable conditions performed with non-invasive, non-surgical pain-free, FDA-approved treatments. We focus on all the normal stages of a woman’s life, pregnancies, the natural aging process, menstruation, and menopause. At VSPOT we are interested in address, correcting, and preventing a single concern or several issues.


Our story

VSPOT Founder Cindy Barshop has a twenty plus year track record revolutionizing women’s health. She pioneered the world’s first-ever medispa, Completely Bare, transforming how women talk about and engage with personal grooming. Her fearless attitude made her a standout on Bravo TV’s “The Real Housewives of New York City.” In 2017, after giving birth to twins and experiencing common issues associated with childbirth, Cindy founded VSPOT — the first intimate health experience of its kind.

With VSPOT, Cindy brings the same innovative approach and candor she’s known for to women’s sexual satisfaction and health. Awarded “One of the 100 most innovative entrepreneurs,” by Goldman Sachs, Cindy has been featured in publications like “The New York Times,”  “Women’s Wear Daily,” “Vogue,” “Cosmopolitan,” and “Business Insider.”

Our Leaders

VSPOT is a women-led team of intimate health experts. We understand, firsthand, what you’re going through. As women at the forefront of intimate health innovation, we adopt the latest, least invasive, and most effective methods, using these solutions to improve our own confidence and wellbeing. We can’t wait to do the same for you.

Cindy Barshop, Founder vspot

Cindy Barshop


Entrepreneur & expert in women’s intimate health. Founder, Cindy Barshop has a history of talking about the things no one else will. Her fearless attitude is what made her a standout on the Bravo’s hit show, Real Housewives of New York, and it’s what made her first endeavor–Completely Bare–so successful. Cindy revolutionized the way women thought and talked about personal grooming. Now with VSPOT, she’s doing the same for women’s sexual satisfaction and health

Dr. Monica Grover, DO, MS vspot

Dr. Monica Grover


Double Board Certified Gynecologist, specializing in women’s sexual health. Dr. Grover always has her pulse on the most cutting edge, result driven treatment option s for women’s intimate health. She believes in a truly holistic, non-invasive approach for each of her patients. always ensuring they have the most effective treatment plan for them.


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