We are the experts when it comes to your vulva and vagina. 

Have scars from past ingrown hairs? Loss of collagen and firmness on your vulva? Has your vulva darkened over time? It’s totally normal for your vulva to experience these changes over time. We can help!

The VSPOT Vajacial is customized with vulva safe products and techniques to improve the common concerns women experience as a result of improper hair removal, childbirth, and aging. 

Our signature VSPOT Vajacial includes:

  • Cleansing with V safe cleansers
  • Steam infused with ozone
  • Ultrasonic skin scrubbing
  • A 24 karat gold wax or Skin brightening peels (cannot be combined)
  • Extractions 
  • Deep conditioning hydrogel masks and LED light therapy

This treatment offers a solution for all skin types and concerns. Depending on the severity of extractions, there can be no downtime.

If you are also thinking about starting our V-Lightening treatments, getting a vajacial regularly is a great way to maintain your results and prevent significant darkening from forming again. New pigmentation is lighter and very easy to remove so your results aren’t difficult to maintain.

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