July 18, 2022

Is Emsella Effective What to Expect

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1. The End Results Will Impress You

You may be having trouble controlling your bladder for a variety of reasons. When you strain your body or cough, you will experience leaks and accidents if you have stress urinary incontinence. This type of incontinence is common after pregnancy weakens the muscles in your pelvic floor. Furthermore, the muscles in this area of your body may change as you age or go through menopause.

Emsella can be an excellent treatment for this type of urinary problem. During your treatments, you will sit on a special device that uses electromagnetic energy to strengthen the muscles causing your urinary problems. This treatment is effective, and you should notice significant improvements in your accidents and leaking issues once you complete your treatment plan.

2. You will receive an initial consultation.

You will need to have an initial consultation at our office before receiving your first treatment. Although this treatment is very effective at treating urinary problems caused by weak pelvic floor muscles, it cannot treat all types of incontinence.

Discussing Your Urinary Issues

We will discuss your urinary issues during our meeting. You should be prepared to tell us about the types of accidents and leaking issues you are experiencing at this point. We’ll also need to go over your medical history.

Eligibility Determination

This information will be used to determine whether you can benefit from this incontinence treatment. You should be aware that certain medical procedures and health issues may preclude you from using this treatment.

For example, if you developed incontinence problems after receiving radiation therapy, you may be unable to use this treatment. Furthermore, if you have a pacemaker or other implanted metal device in your body, you cannot use this treatment.

3. Non-Invasive Treatments Will Be Provided

To regain bladder control, you do not need to be sedated or have incisions made. This is a completely non-invasive treatment. In fact, you’ll be able to attend all of your appointments fully clothed.

To begin your treatment, you will sit on our Emsella device. When you sit down, this device will send electromagnetic energy into your pelvic floor muscles. You will feel a gentle tingling sensation as your muscles contract. This sensation will be very pleasant, and you will not require anesthesia or medication during your treatment sessions.

4. There will be no downtime for you.

This treatment does not require you to take time off from work or make any other changes to your normal routine. You will be able to leave our office once we have finished strengthening your pelvic muscles. You have the option of going to work, running errands, or returning home.

5. You might require multiple treatments.

Although your bladder control may improve after just one Emsella treatment, multiple sessions are usually required. In general, you will most likely receive six treatments. You must wait a certain number of days between incontinence treatments.

Receiving Maintenance Sessions

Routine maintenance sessions may also be beneficial. After you have completed your initial treatment plan, we can tell you more about these maintenance treatments.

Achieving Improvements

This treatment is very effective, and you should notice an improvement in your bladder control after your first treatment. Your leakage, accidents, and other urinary problems should gradually improve as you continue to receive additional sessions.

6. Your Life Quality Will Improve

Living with urinary incontinence can reduce your happiness and self-esteem. Your fear of leaking or having an accident may prevent you from attending parties or other social events with your friends and family. Furthermore, you may decline job opportunities that require you to spend significant time away from home.

Regaining bladder control can improve your social life and allow you to take on new challenges at work. This enhancement will most likely make you happier and more confident. In fact, during clinical trials, 95% of people reported that their quality of life improved after using this incontinence treatment.

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Receiving an Emsella treatment is an excellent way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and regain bladder control. Improving your urinary incontinence will allow you to feel more at ease when attending social events, running errands, or engaging in other activities away from home. Contact VSPOT to learn more about the advantages of receiving this treatment.

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