Knowing this place exists makes me feel way more confident and secure about having another one. My pelvic floor got so much stronger, I felt tighter inside and out, and generally felt like myself again. It also significantly increased my sex drive!

Sasha Grey

Nothing but great customer service with the ladies. I’ve been coming here for a few years and I love it every time.

Helena Vassa

I want to recommend this place to every mom postpartum! Not only is it in a perfect location, with a beautiful office, and warm, helpful staff-their services WORK. I did the “kegel chair” and the femilift after having a really difficult postpartum recovery.

Herstyle T9s
Highly recommended! Upgrade your V to it’s greater version. My experience is superb with satisfying results. Take your pick of any treatment. Vspot staff will make your day pleasant and delightful. Definitely worth the benefits of putting your mind and body at ease.
Isabel Goodkind
Such a lovely experience! Chic, clean, and ultra classy way to feel super sexy and empowered. I would highly recommend any service, you won’t regret it!….THANK YOU VSPOT!