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Non Surgical Labiaplasty near me in NYC

Eemerging trends in non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation vaginoplasty and labiaplasty

The “Designer Vagina” and the Modern Labiaplasty

Designer vaginas have been a hot button topic in the media in recent decades. Blogs, magazine articles, and pop culture that glamorize labial perfection are trendier than media that champions our natural bodies. Despite what we see in scientific diagrams, altered photos for the media, and porn, vulvas don’t all look the same, and they’re not supposed to. Different labia sizes, asymmetry, and color ranges are all perfectly natural but the amount of labiaplasties meant to change the overall appearance of the vagina are increasing. 

4 Reasons you should ask your Best Friend… How’s Your Vagina?!

bodies go through so many changes as we age, it almost seems unfair that we can’t talk about it to everyone we meet so that everyone knows about our plight. VSPOT Experts aren’t telling you to share your intimate health status with every stranger you meet, but talk to your girlfriends about it. Here are 4 reasons why…