October 5, 2021

Sex after Menopause: 4 Things You Can Now Live Without

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For a long time society has considered these woes as just another part of being a woman. VSPOT Experts want you to know that you do not have to live with these symptoms for one more day.

Painful Sex

Sex is not supposed to hurt… EVER. Not the first time and not the last. Science and motivated women have come together to empower you and make un-doing this problem the easiest decision you’ll ever have to make. The most common cause of painful sex after age 50 is changes in your hormones. VSPOT Expert Tara Ford PA-C wants you to know,

 “At age 30, hormone levels start to decline…but painful sex at any age is not normal!” 

 When estrogen and/or testosterone levels are low it can cause the tissue to become dry, thin and painful causing vaginal atrophy. The painless and non-surgical Femilift treatment that VSPOT offers has the ability to age reverse the tissue in the vaginal canal for a lubricated and more enjoyable sex life.

Weak Orgasms

Faking orgasms is a thing of the past. Our generation of women have fought for orgasm equality and science has finally caught up to the times. Closing the orgasm gap has never been so attainable. Treatments like the O-Shot are only the beginning. VSPOT’s medical grade Feminine Serum is clinically proven to increase the blood flow to the clitoris by 80{838292c0f8e71476c5d30e609c6d95f0a2a77beddb6f4ec3b43e8e49f09b6988}. This serum has officially changed the Orgasm game forever. When paired with the O-shot it can jumpstart the effects leaving you prepped and primed for the most mind-blowing release. 

Low Libido

The world has evolved and people know that women want to have sex just as much as any man. If we don’t, that’s usually a signifier that something in our bodies is out of whack and a trip to VSPOT is overdue. The VSPOT Luxe Annual GYN Wellness Check-Up includes a complete hormone panel so that we can get the bottom of it.

“As women age, testosterone levels decrease naturally and can lower a woman’s desire for sex.”-VSPOT Expert Tara Ford, PA-C

If one of our certified medical providers finds that this is the cause of your low libido we have the ability to treat that here at VSPOT. Hormone Replacement Therapy has been shown to work to treat menopausal symptoms including low libido.

We want to make sure that you are in full control of when you do and don’t want to have sex.

Vaginal Dryness 

Painful Sex is usually associated with vaginal dryness, but if your noticing irritation and lack of discharge in your vagina something can be done. Just because you’re not having sex doesn’t mean that you have to live with dryness. A quick consultation with a VSPOT Expert can help determine the cause of your chronic vaginal dryness. The best part is you won’t need a referral to see someone else, we can treat all the causes in house and determine whether one of our non-surgical laser treatments or our VSPOT Vaginal Restorative Complex is right for you. Depending on your medical history a combination of both can be the cure you didn’t even know existed. 

 It is true that regular intercourse can help your body get adjusted to producing lubrication on its own. But just because you don’t have a partner doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to maintain your results. Some solo fun can help get your juices flowing. 

“Masturbation can help to maintain blood flow, tone and laxity of vaginal muscles and tissues, and also prevent your libido from declining.”-VSPOT Expert Dr. Grover.

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