Ultra Femme 360™

Turn Back Time with the Ultra Femme 360

Turn back the clock with Ultra Femme 360, a non-invasive treatment that uses advanced Exllis technology to tighten vagina and help with urinary leakage and incontinence. Targeting both the labia and vaginal canal, Ultra Femme 360 is a great alternative to a vaginoplasty or labiaplasty that requires no surgery at all. Rejuvenate your vagina in no time with Ultra Femme 360 at VSPOT Medi Spa.

What is Ultra Femme 360?

Ultra Femme 360 uses radio frequency to enhance the production of elastin and collagen, restoring the function, appearance, and sensation of the internal and external vaginal area. Focused thermal energy disrupts collagen fibers, causing them to unravel and produce new collagen fibers, stimulating blood flow. Once new collagen fibers are produced – the labia and vaginal canal tighten, helping prevent urinary leakage and intensify sensation during intercourse.

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About the Ultra Femme 360 Procedure

Our clients at VSPOT have the option to treat the vaginal canal, labia, or both at the same with our Ultra Femme 360. To get started, our team will apply a water-based gel in the labia area. The radio frequency energy from the Ultra Femme 360 is then delivered in pulses, which does not cause any pain or irritation. The entire session only lasts 8 to 12 minutes with no downtime, so you can return back to your daily activities.

Ultra Femme 360 vs. Thermiva

Compared to Thermiva, Ultra Femme 360 uses the most cutting edge radio frequency technology to provide our patients with unparalleled results. A typical Thermiva session takes over 30 Minutes while Ultra Femme 360 only takes eight! Our patients have experienced improvement in vaginal tightening, lubrication, ability to reach orgasm and improvement in urinary stress incontinence with this latest procedure.

Ultra Femme 360 Treatment Near You in New York City

Reinvigorate your vagina with Ultra Femme 360 at VSPOT Medi Spa. See if the non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment is right for you. Find out now by contacting us online today to book your free consultation!