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M.I.L.F. Kit


The perfect trio to get you back to where you want to be. Lighten, Tighten and OH much more.

Becoming a new mom brings so many different emotions, and not all of them are joyful, but it should be! A woman’s body is put through a lot during pregnancy and it’s hard to accept and enjoy your body right after birth, especially “down there”. Introducing the MILF Kit by VSPOT MD Intimate Care Collection! Lighten, Tighten and OH… much more!
Included in this kit is Good Sex, which is an anti-aging intimate moisturizer that comes as suppositories. This moisturizer helps to hydrate the anterior vaginal wall, relieve irritation & dryness, and restores the intimate tissue to create a tightening effect.
The second product included are the Lights On Bikini Brightening Pads. It’s very common after childbirth to have a darkened bikini area, and these at-home pads will help to do the trick!
The final product is the ()H Serum, which is a lubricating arousal serum. If you want a better orgasm, this is the product for you, and it’s very simple how it works. Just apply to the clitoris once daily and you will experience unimaginable orgasms. This serum is clinically proven to increase blood flow to the clitoris up to 78%. The more often you apply it, the better the “O”!



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