• Bikini & Derriere Lighten Pads

Bikini & Derriere Lighten Pads

(19 customer reviews)

Brighten and Improve the skin tone and texture of intimate areas. Prescription strength, medical grade and can be used anywhere on the body to reduce areas of discoloration.

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It’s totally normal for your skin to have some discoloration.

VSPOT Brightening Pads improve the skin tone and texture of your most intimate areas. Prescription strength, medical grade and can be used anywhere on the body to reduce dark patches of discoloration.

Brightening Pads combine the botanical skin tone brightening ingredients along with skin protective antioxidants to decrease the presence of hyperpigmentation from melanin deposits in areas of friction as well as in hormonally sensitive areas.

Frequency & Schedule

Use one pad in the morning and at night.


Use one pad in the morning and one pad at night per location (i.e. bikini, inner thighs).
•Use on your intimate areas, elbows, under arms or anywhere you have discoloration.
Do not use Brighten Pads if pregnant. Stop using is any redness or itching occurs.
Suggested Use:
Brighten Pads, use one pad in the morning and at night.


No Hydroquinone, 2% Hydroquinone, 4% Hydroquinone

19 reviews for Bikini & Derriere Lighten Pads

  1. Happy

    I’m happy with this purchase and 100% recommend this to my friends. i will gladly purchased another if it runs out.

  2. It works!!!

    I am a Hispanic woman and i have been using this on my intimate areas for about 3 weeks and i am seeing some results.

  3. Marissa

    After using this product for a couple days, the discoloration around my V was fading away

  4. Maga

    I loved everything about this product. I’m 60 years old and still have a active and fun sex life but as most of y’all know things change as you get older and although it’s never bothered any of my partners it has been something I wasn’t happy about with my body. I was so excited to try it

  5. TJ

    I am a dark complected woman, and this item has done wonders for my hyperpigmentation.

  6. Garrett

    I gave this product to someone that had told me about it previously, but was hesitant to get it for myself. I saw that person and used it yesterday and wow!

  7. Works!!

    It defiantly works

  8. Chelsea

    Loved it and gradually saw my skin improve over the course of a month.

  9. happi23

    I received this product 6 days ago and have used 3 times so far (alternating nights). I absolutely love this for my skin.

  10. Bellamy

    This stuff is amazing I have finally found something I will stick with

  11. Fernandez

    I have sensitive skin and this works really well! It is great for the summer

  12. Gulam

    I needed something to get rid of the dark spot in my armpits before my wedding day and this cream was a life saver

  13. robin

    It faded my spots. I will continue to use it.

  14. Paul

    I really think this product is working well. Skin is lighting slowly but surely.

  15. snyder

    Love it

  16. Castillo

    Great intimate cream. I would definitely recommend it.

  17. Kumar

    I loved this product because it was really helpful

  18. Freak

    I have a problem area on my thigh and this cream helped lighten

  19. Maria

    Omg I am in love with this product I love it I have been using it for like a year already I will get more and specially for this summer

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