We do what Bleach Can’t

It is totally normal for the area around the anus and vagina to be darker, some women may be darker than others due to waxing, friction from clothing or just the natural aging process and skin type.
The hyperpigmentation or darkened area can be successfully lightened with a combination of professional treatments and at home lightening products.

Vaginal Anal Bleaching
Vspot offers vaginal and anal bleaching with a customized treatment plan of a mandelic mesopeel. Mendelic acid is a gentler but more effective depigmentation than the traditional glycolic peel for sensitive intimate areas. We do what bleach can’t:  Using this groundbreaking laser treatment, we lighten pigment on the external skin of the labia majora, the often-darkened area surrounded by hair.

This chemical-free treatment offers a solution with minimal pain and only a short downtime. A consultation is needed prior to your lightening treatment to ensure you’re a candidate for this treatment. 

VSPOT offers a product for both vaginal and anal lightening if you can’t make it into the office we offer two at home products for vaginal lightening a cream or a pad applicator V-Lightening product. This will lighten the pigmented area and minimize the number of treatments required. The V- Lightening should be applied twice a day once in morning and once in evening. It can be purchased online here: VSPOT Shop

TheVSPOT Peel doesn’t require any post-treatment downtime. You will be advised to wear loose clothing, avoid exercise directly on the same day of your treatment as well as avoid any waxing or laser hair removal on the area during the treatment process. Your technician will advise you regarding your homecare requirements, providing you will all the relevant products and instructions on how to apply them at home.


Is the VSPOT peel painful?
The treatment is not painful; however, some clients patients may feel minimum discomfort. The area may feel slightly tender or itchy  after the treatment and we recommend wearing loose clothing avoiding any exercise on the same day.

Do I need to prepare anything before the vaginal or anal lightening treatment?
Your intimate area, which must have been completely shaved within the last 48 hours

How soon will I see results?
To achieve optimum results a course of 3 treatments is recommended spaced 1 – 2 weeks apart. It is important to use the recommended at home lightening products to achieve optimal results.