honor: everyday balm


Adds Moisture, Improves Skin Density and Provides Daily Nourishment.

• Use Every Night as Part of Your Bedtime Routine
• Moisturizes Vulvar, Labia and Other Intimate Skin
• Improves Skin Resilience and Bounce
• Use to Accelerate Skin Repair, Anytime You’re Dry

Honor is our signature balm. It moisturizes, conditions and replenishes intimate skin. In the jar, it’s a thick, translucent unguent, but when placed on the skin it dissolves quickly into a luscious oil, with 10 to 15 minutes of “play time”. Honor has a tender scent and a great texture. Our full-size jar is generously sized and meant to be used every day.

We recommend that it’s kept on the nightstand or bedside table, and used before bed as a self-care ritual: Massage yourself starting at the hip bones, working into the pressure points on the pubic bone, the inner thigh, and the groin, then onto the inner and outer labia and, finally, the inner fold including the clitoris. This is a great time for a little loving affirmation, too! Leave the balm on, allowing its active plant ingredients to work overnight.

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