Want lighter skin around your V and inner buttocks? It's totally normal for your skin to have some discoloration. We can help!

The hyperpigmentation or darkened area can be successfully lightened with a combination of professional treatments and the VSPOT at-home lightening product. VSPOT utilizes Mandelic Mesopeel which is a hydrolysis of bitter almond extract. It’s a gentle and effective depigmentation for sensitive intimate areas. 

This chemical-free treatment offers a solution with no pain and no downtime. A consultation is needed prior to your lightening treatment to ensure you’re a candidate for this treatment.


The VSPOT Peel doesn’t require any post-treatment downtime like traditional vaginal bleaching. You will be advised to wear loose clothing, avoid exercise directly on the same day of your treatment as well as avoid any waxing or laser hair removal on the area during the treatment process. Your technician will advise you regarding your home care requirements, providing you with all the relevant products and instructions on how to apply them at home.

Pricing ranges between $125 to $325 with packages available.

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