RHONY Alumna Cindy Barshop’s Vspot Medispa Launches Cosmeceutical Vaginal Care Products

RHONY Alumna Cindy Barshop’s Vspot Medispa Launches Cosmeceutical Vaginal Care Products

Serial entrepreneur, “The Real Housewives of New York” alumna and self-professed “expert in women’s taboo subjects” Cindy Barshop is expanding her Vspot Medispa’s business with three vaginal and bikini area care products.

The products—Bye Bye Bumps, Feminine Serum and Vaginal Restorative Complex—retail for $28, $95 and $275, respectively, and will be available online and at Vspot’s two locations, New York City and Philadelphia. Barshop developed their formulas over 10 months with the guidance of doctors and scientists.

“I hate products that are fluff, I’m not a fluff person,” she says. “I’m clinical, black and white. These products are probably the only intimate care products that have clinical testing associated with them to correct or prevent issues. The Restorative Complex is for dryness. It does have a tightening effect, but I’m not going to say it’s going to tighten so much after you have a baby because I’m realistic. It does help with tissue regeneration. It is the only product that utilizes human fibroblast derived stem cells from FDA-approved tissue banks.”

The Vaginal Restorative Complex features ampoules that are inserted in the vagina so the product is applied directly to the tissues it’s treating. Barshop asserts The Vaginal Restorative Complex is an effective alternative to prescription estrogen creams. “It’s not a patch solution. It’s much more natural,” she says. “It goes inside the canal, and it allows you to lubricate yourself and regenerates tissue.”

Pre-menopausal women are instructed to apply Complex once a week before eventually switching to once a month. Menopausal women are directed to apply it twice a week for a month, winding down to once a week and, then, once a month usage. Subscriptions are available for the Vaginal Restorative Complex. They bring down the price for its 8-ampoule box to $245 every other month.

In a clinical study, Vspot’s other new product, Feminine Serum, was proven to increase blood flow to the clitoris by nearly 84%. Its formula includes a mix of scientific and plant ingredients like l-arginine; acmella oleracea or toothache plant flower extract; hemp seed oil; and fenugreek seed oil. Though the product is designed to make sex more enjoyable, Barshop points out it’s not a play product. “It’s not used for lubrication during intercourse,” she says. “It’s a functional product.”

Barshop is a veteran of the medispa scene. In 1998, she opened up Completely Bare hair removal studio in New York City. It quickly grew from a single Madison Avenue location to nearly 20 locations across the city. In 2015, Barshop sold Completely Bare to multi-brand beauty services operator Hudson Blvd Group, owner of Rachel Zoe-founded blowout salon DreamDry and makeup studio Pucker. In 2014, Completely Bare rebranded as Spruce & Bond. In July 2019, Hudson Blvd Group was announced three of its five remaining New York City locations would shutter.

After selling Completely Bare, Barshop was looking for her next project, but didn’t want to return the medispa space. A new mom to twins, she learned about a laser treatment from Europe for tightening the vagina and improving elasticity. “I used to pee all over myself, and I had no interest in sex,” says Barshop, recalling of her postpartum days. “You just suffer in silence with all these things. When the first laser came to the States on the East Coast, I tried it and loved it. [The business] kind of blossomed from there.” The laser treatment, FemiLift, is now available at Vspot.

Barshop opened the first Vspot location on Madison Avenue in 2017. Vspot Philadelphia followed in 2019. Today, it offers a dozen high-tech treatments to help women feel their best by correcting the issues brought on by childbirth and menopause, and increasing sexual intensity.

In addition to FemiLift, the other treatments at Vpsot are Vampire Breast Lift and 24K Gold Wax & LED Vajacial. Barshop is proud of providing women the most cutting-edge wellness and rejuvenation treatments available under one roof. “Vspot has every newest technology available for women’s intimate health,” she says. “Usually you go to a place, they have one machine. We have everything that’s available.”

One treatment Barshop is particularly excited about is the Emsella “Kegel Throne,” a chair clients sit on that utilizes high-intensity electromagnetic technology to cause deep pelvic floor muscle stimulation. A 28-minute session can produce 11,000 contractions, the equivalent of completing 11,000 kegels.

“Now there’s technology so women don’t have to get a sling for urinary incontinence,” says Barshop. “You could sit on a chair [to treat] vaginal looseness. You don’t have to get a vaginoplasty. My whole thing is to create functionality and changes in women’s health. Vspot is about empowerment.”

Women are responding to Vspot’s message. From 2018 to 2019, the business doubled its sales year-over-year. Even in the face of COVID closures, it’s business is up 35% this year from last year. Barshop plans to increase Vspot’s door count. A New Jersey location is expected to open this quarter and a location is planned for the Hamptons in 2021.