Yoni Steam, VSteam and What They are All About

Yoni Steam, VSteam and What They are All About

If you are an avid Netflix reality show connoisseur, i.e. Love is Blind or their newest hit, Too Hot to Handle, you have now heard the word Yoni at least 50 times and you are currently in endless debate whether or not to start calling your vagina, Yoni.

The show dives into taking care and protecting your Yoni, but what does that really entail? Just as important as facemasks are for your skin, VSTEAMS, oils and moisturizers should be right next to your Vitamin C serum and favorite clay mask.


Once you arrive at the VSPOT, uou will relax in a dimly lit room on a spa bed. Once you are comfortable, soft steam infused with therapeutic herbs is targeted toward your nether regions. VSPOT’s proprietary formulation of herbs, which include basil, calendula, mugwort, marshmallow root, wormwood, and rose petals, is placed in a tube on the steamer that contains purified water.

The herbal infused steam dilates your blood vessels to increase blood circulation by providing oxygen to the area, and in turn, relaxes the pelvic floor muscles. As you get steamed, cleaned, and pampered, a technician will expertly massage your abdomen with remedial oil. To finish the treatment, an LED light is placed over your lady bits.


The vagina is self-cleaning, why should you care or need a VSTEAM?

In our modern world, where we stick scented tampons up our vaginas, where we are exposed to an unprecedented amount of toxins, that it is in fact, helpful for the vagina. Stress itself is dangerous, and VSTEAM provide a relaxed, zen-like experience, which will leave you feeling as relaxed as a message or facial.

So, what is the point besides relaxation? To dilate blood vessels to increase blood circulation by providing oxygen to the vagina, which relaxes pelvic floor muscles. In fact, besides finally honoring our reproductive organ which births life, this process also helps to alleviate period cramping and other pain.

Whether you are inspired from Too Hot to Handle or just want to give your Yoni some more love, book your VSTEAM with VSPOT.