Powerful Females Making Waves in the Women’s Intimate Health Space

“Big beauty trends of 2020” called it: the demand for women’s intimate health innovation is rising. In 2018, the global feminine intimate care market reached a value of 1.1 billion. It is projected to reach over 1.5 billion by 2025…that’s a 3.5% annual growth rate! 

As the dialogue surrounding feminine sexual health has increased, taboos have begun to fade and education on the topic has grown immensely. With that, women are demanding products and innovations that are crafted with integrity. 

While there are many women to watch, we’ve chosen some of our biggest role models in the women’s intimate health space. 


Ridhi Tariyal 

As an engineer and scientist, Ridhi Tariyal used her frustration with the usual means of reproductive health management to begin NextGen Jane. NextGen Jane analyzes monthly menstruation samples to give women insight into the state of their reproductive health, helping them make informed decisions regarding their future. While still in beta testing, Ridhi’s NextJen Jane is a company truly revolutionizing the women’s intimate health space! 


Lauren Bosworth

Lauren Bosworth launched Love Wellness in 2016 with one mission: to reverse her negative experience with women’s personal care products. She curated a team of wellness advisors and food scientists that formulated personal care products that are both effective and based in purity. Love Wellness products address issues from intimate health to sleep problems and skincare – allowing women to take full control of their health. 

Elina Berglund

Previously a member of the team that discovered the Noble Prize-winning Higgs Boson particle, Elina Berglund began Natural Cycles when she and her husband began family planning. As the first FDA-approved natural birth control, Natural Cycles is an app that gives women insight about their fertile and non-fertile days when they input their daily basal temperature. With Natural Cycles, Elina’s mission is to give women more awareness and control of their bodies and how they look, and that’s why exercise and fashion is important, and using accessories as handmade solid silver bracelets could be great to make you feel better and more confident.

Jordana Kier & Alexandra Friedman 

Jordana Kier and Alexandra Friedman began LOLA with the mission of establishing the first lifelong women’s intimate health brand, “from first period to last hot flash,” as they put it. LOLA delivers customizable boxes that include organic products for all situations – from period to cramps to sex.

Jordana and Alexandra bring transparency and accessibility to necessary personal care products, ensuring women have reliable solutions when they need them. However, check out this site to find the best health products for women on the market. 

Cindy Barshop 

Previous founder of the successful Completely Bare, Cindy Barshop wanted to channel her women’s intimate health expertise in a new way. As she experienced feminine changes through age and childbirth, she realized that there were few effective non-invasive solutions. Searching far and wide for modalities, she began to find technologies and services that gave her tangible results, increasing her overall health and sexual confidence. This inspired Cindy to found VSPOT, the first one-stop-shop for cutting-edge women’s intimate health solutions for issues from incontinence to lack of sexual pleasure. In doing so, VSPOT empowers women to feel their best – at all stages of life.


These are just some of the many powerful forces in the industry. With such increasing knowledge and innovation on the topic, we can’t wait to see what the future of women’s intimate health holds!