Get Your Best Orgasm This Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching…and who doesn’t want ultimate satisfaction on the big day? 

Maybe you’re having trouble with the big O or maybe you just want to intensify your experience. Either way, VSPOT makes it possible to receive your best orgasm — no matter the budget. 

O2vasc $95

This topical treatment is clinically proven to increase blood flow up to 86% to the clitoral area. Elevated blood flow means that you can achieve orgasm easier! The best part? These results could not be easier to get! With the simple application, the ultimate O is all yours! 

BTL Emsella $1500

Say goodbye to trying to kegel. The Emsella Chair, also known as The Kegel Throne, uses high-intensity electromagnetic technology to deliver 11,000 kegels in just 28 minutes. This stimulates your deep pelvic floor, strengthening your muscles here. With the ability to tighten your vaginal walls, the Emsella increases your friction, dramatically heightening your sexual satisfaction!

The O-Shot $2500

Also known as the Orgasm Shot, the O-Shot is a pain free natural treatment that uses your own plasma rich blood platelets to produce more functional tissue in your vagina. With the O-Shot, not only will you experience increased libido, but you will also have the ability to orgasm more quickly and intensely. 


So…are you ready to turn up the passion this Valentine’s Day yet? If your husband surfers erectile dysfunction we recommend this E.D. clinic so you guys can have fun this Valentine’s Day   

Schedule your appointment now…OR give the gift of satisfaction to someone special in your life 😉