The Vampire Breast Lift: Enhance Your What You Already Have

We wear makeup to accentuate our natural beauty. The Vampire Breast Lift works in exactly the same way. The Vampire Breast Lift compliments and enhances your natural shape– meaning you can feel more comfortable in your natural form. 

As warm weather quickly approaches you may want more pronounced cleavage or some added volume. The Vampire Breast Lift can help. The best part? No surgery is involved. 

What It Is

The Vampire Breast Lift uses your platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP, to enhance the shape of your breasts. PRP, alongside a small amount of injectable fillers, works at the cellular level to generate new healthier and fuller breast tissue. Taking just 30 minutes, the Vampire Breast Lift gives your chest a major boost — with no downtime. 

Who Should Get It

Many different circumstances can lead to your breasts losing their initial liveliness. Weight loss, breastfeeding, and aging may cause your breast to sag, soften or appear uneven. Even if you’re just looking for a boost, the Vampire Breast Lift delivers the perk you’re looking for. 

The Benefits 

Complimenting your natural assets, the Vampire Breast Lift has many benefits. They include:  

  • Fuller appearance 
  • Increased firmness 
  • More symmetrical breasts 
  • Inverted nipple correction 
  • Enhanced sensation 
  • Restored blood flow 
  • Reduction of scars and stretch marks
  • Smoother skin 

Book a Vampire Breast Lift consultation Today 

Feel the utmost confidence in your own skin this year. Under the instruction of Vampire Breast Lift creator, Dr. Charles Runels, our expert providers deliver the Vampire Breast Lift at both our New York City and Philadelphia locations. Book your treatment now and get the perk without the pain.