How the O-Shot Can Help You Get the “Big O”

How the O-Shot Can Help You Get the

“Big O”

woman reaching orgasm with the orgasm shot

YES! YES! YES! You’re almost on the verge of reaching that magnificent sensation, like a firework that’s about to burst in the sky and then… nothing. It can be a real struggle for some women to achieve the big O. Many women aren’t comfortable with talking about this topic, but it shouldn’t be all “hush hush”. 

Good news ladies – the O-Shot is here to save your sex life! The O-Shot, also called The Orgasm Shot, is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment. The O-Shot is an extremely simple and painless process. Using your own blood platelets (PRP), which are injected into your vaginal tissue clitoris and the Grafenberg Spot – you probably heard of it as the “G-Spot”. PRP works by stimulating stem cells, collagen, and blood vessels, essentially reviving your vaginal area, which increases your response to stimulation. After the treatment, you will discover an increase in your libido and being able to orgasm more effortlessly, quickly, and intensely! Continue reading to learn more about how the O-Shot might be exactly what you’re looking for.

If You Want More Passionate Orgasms…

Whether you recently gave birth, are experiencing menopause, or even the stresses of life are just getting in your way – you may be having a tough time reaching an orgasm during sex. It’s a fact that having a healthy sex life truly plays a huge role in your everyday life. Reclaim your happiness and relieve those daily stresses with the amazing O-Shot. The O-Shot can generate a healthier vaginal tissue and can heighten your sensitivity areas in both your vagina and clitoris, helping you reach a sensational mind-blowing orgasm effortlessly! Get the O-Shot and say goodbye to your stress – it’s that simple!

If You Want More Natural Lubrication…

Recurring vaginal dryness can make your sex life a drag. Sex is not supposed to be painful and miserable. The O-Shot can help you get your groove back by replenishing your vagina’s natural moisture and regenerating the vaginal cells. Vaginal lubrication is crucial during intercourse because it prepares the body for penetration, lessening any friction, irritation, or pain. Some women, especially after going through menopause, experience vaginal dryness, making sex a chore and climaxing an afterthought. Now you can have pleasurable, arousing, naturally lubricated sex again with the assistance of the O-Shot!

Experience an Increased Sex Drive…

More than 40% of women in America suffer from symptoms of sexual dysfunction and having a low libido. Men in this world have the little blue pill as their hidden magic trick up their sleeve, but where’s the little blue pill for women? Now you can think of the O-Shot as your secret magic trick for an overall better sex life. The O-Shot is a painless procedure and will have you begging your partner for more private time. And don’t worry, there isn’t any post-procedure recovery time so you will see results right away – just hope your partner can keep up! 

Get The O-Shot with VSPOT MediSpa

If you are one of the many women out there who struggle with reaching an orgasm or if you want to elevate your orgasms to a whole other level of pleasure – go to VSPOT to get the unbelievable O-Shot. At VSPOT, we specialize in women’s sexual health and well-being. We provide a wide array of high-quality treatments with our cutting edge technologies, such as Vaginal Rejuvenation, V-Steam, and most importantly the O-Shot! You are in good hands with our team of experts, who personally know the struggles women face and are here to help you! All of our services at VSPOT are fast and easy for our patients! Bring back the spark in the bedroom and get the orgasm you’ve always desired by contacting us or book an appointment at VSPOT now!